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Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) Christian – Muslim Desk

The programme for Christian-Muslim Relations Desk in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK CMR-Desk) is evangelism arm of the church which was established in February 2010 with the objective of reaching out to our Muslim brothers and sisters with the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ without causing much tension between the two religions. So far we have sensitized the church pastors, evangelists, deaconesses and lay leaders across the church.
A ministry to empower and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Muslim Community
To equip church leaders and lay Christians with required knowledge to meaningfully reach to the Muslim community with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our overall goal
The overall goal of this project is to reach out the Muslims with the Gospel.
Project Objectives
To mobilize and equip Christians to reach out to their Muslim neighbors within Kenya
To train church leaders as well as church members of both genders and all age groups, giving them a basic knowledge of Islam and effective evangelization techniques on how to encounter with Muslims
To change Christians’ attitudes towards the Muslim
communities, inspire them to see the Muslims as brothers and sisters whom Christ died for, rather than potential enemies.
To contribute to a peaceful relationship between the Christian and the Muslim communities in Kenya.
To mobilize the Christian community to pray for the Muslim population and for this ministry
To establish culturally sensitive churches or house groups in the Muslim dominated areas

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