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Vission, Mission & Objectives


The vision of this Church is to proclaim the good news of the crucified and resurrected Christ, the only way to salvation.


ELCK exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the proper administration of the sacraments, providing the confessional Lutheran teachings and caring for the well being of the whole person.


  1. To make disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching the Word of God, both the Law and the Gospel, to all people, according to the command of the Lord Jesus in Mathews 28:18-20. This purpose is fulfilled by the use of the means of grace, arranging public worship services and meetings, prayer meetings, Sunday Schools, Christian meetings for young people, Christian education, by making Bibles available, printing and making available Christian books that are in accordance with the Church confession, by visiting the sick, by individual care of souls, by looking after orphans and widows in their distress and other activities. The work of this Church should thus be carried out within the Congregations as well as outwardly among non-Christians, aiming at the extension of the Kingdom of God.
  2. It is the aim of this Church to be self-supporting, self-propagating, self-governing and self-theologizing within the limits of this Constitution.
  3. In keeping with her mission, the Church shall serve and care for the needs of the whole person through formal and informal education, provision of healthcare, social work, development work, communication and any other activity as may be approved by the General Assembly.
  4. The Church shall establish such institutions, organisations, boards and departments as may be necessary for the better carrying out of her objectives.

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